And for Sochitta Sal.

I think people are misunderstanding where some of us who actually knew Freddy are coming from in all of this involving Honey bitchass Cocaine. We’re not just speculating fans (or haters) or bystanders or whatever, our friend, our brother, committed suicide. Plain and simple. Our hate does not stem from the theory that Honey pushed him to it; she obviously stated that at this point, she just wanted to be his friend, or maybe not even that (and then turned right around and said she loved him and they were homies 5ever). Nobody expects her to HAVE to be with Freddy. And I personally don’t believe for one second that Freddy took his own life over her stupid ass. I think that she could very well have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, but I don’t blame her for what Freddy did. What hundreds of us are pissed about is that she was blatantly cold and disrespectful, tweeting bullshit about Freddy hours after his death and then realizing how stupid she was being, deleting the tweets, and then pretending like she was heartbroken. Claiming, “Bonne and fucking Clyde” and saying that she loved him. Fuck outta here.

Bitch you think because you delete tweets you can wipe the slate clean? All of Seattle wants your head.

Fuck you, fuck what you’re about, fuck your whole life. How dare you take a shit on Fred’s memory like this? You got lucky with a small graze to the arm from that bullet, but I can aim real well with these hands I promise you that. You will be flossing your own lips out from between your braces.

So to reiterate. I don’t think that Honey made him do anything. I don’t blame her for Freddy’s actions. I don’t think Freddy took his life solely over her. But this is bullshit and you will get what’s coming to you, Sochitta.

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    And for Sochitta Sal. I think people are misunderstanding where some of us who actually knew Freddy are coming from in...
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    RIP Frederick Buhl. The greatest Dragon Ball Z artist I ever knew. You were such a joy to be around and I’m hoping...
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